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2014 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Daniel Reetz is the mastermind behind . It is an incredible community building open source software and hardware for book scanning using affordable consumer equipment. The project has evolved incredibly over the last few years and now include beautifully hackerspace-made scanner kits. He seems like a great speaker and I believe his perspective would be different from the traditional academic/research library focus.
== Kathy Sierra ==
Kathy Sierra has been interested in the brain and artificial intelligence since her days as a game developer (Virgin, Amblin', MGM). She is the co-creator of the bestselling Head First series (finalist for a Jolt Software Development award in 2003, and named to the Amazon Top Ten Editors Choice Computer Books for 2003 and 2004). She is also the founder of one of the largest community web sites in the world, Kathy's passions are skiing, running, her Icelandic horse, gravity, and her latest favorite thing--Dance Dance Revolution.
== Jukka Pennanen & Mace Ojala ==

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