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2014 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Jessica McKellar is amazing and I might be a total fangirl
==Jessica McKellar==
Jessica Mckellar is "an entrepreneur, software engineer, and open source developer". She is a maintainer for [ Twisted] python library and [ OpenHatch], "a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and education". A Director of the Python Software Foundation and an organizer of the Boston Python Meetup, she has sucessful successful record of promoting diversity within the Python community and developing great open source projects.  [ Jessica McKellar and Asheesh Laroia speaking] about diversity outreach in the Boston Python User Group [ more of her talks] Jessica McKellar was also personally supportive of the Library Code Year Interest Group's work in adapting the Boston Python Workshop for ALA, and helped secure sponsorship from the PSF for this event.
==Jennifer Pahlka==

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