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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== Rapid Development of Automated Tasks with the File Analyzer ==
* Terry Brady, Georgetown University Libraries,
The Georgetown University Libraries have customized the File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester application ([]) to solve a number of library automation challenges:
* validating digitized and reformatted files
* validating vendor statistics for counter compliance
* preparing collections of digital files for archiving and ingest
* manipulating ILS import and export files
The File Analyzer application was used by the US National Archives to validate 3.5 million digitized images from the 1940 Census. After implementing a customized ingest workflow within the File Analyzer, the Georgetown University Libraries was able to process an ingest backlog of over a thousand files of digital resources into DigitalGeorgetown, the Libraries’ Digital Collections and Institutional Repository platform. Georgetown is currently developing customized workflows that integrate Apache Tika, BagIt, and Marc conversion utilities.
The File Analyzer is a desktop application with a powerful framework for implementing customized file validation and transformation rules. As new rules are deployed, they are presented to users within a user interface that is easy (and powerful) to use.
Learn about the functionality that is available for download, how you can use this tool to automate workflows from digital collections to ILS ingests to electronic resources statistics and also discuss the opportunities to collaborate on enhancements to this application!

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