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2014 preconference proposals

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Code4Lib 2014 Pre-Conference Proposals
===Fail4Lib 2014===
'''"Half Day [TBD, probably afternoon]"'''
* Contacts: Andreas Orphanides, Jason Casden (akorphan|jmcasden) (at)
The task of design (and the work that we do as library coders) is intimately tied to failure. Failures, both big and small, motivate us to create and improve. Failures are also occasionally the result of our work. Understanding and embracing failure, encouraging enlightened risk-taking, and seeking out opportunities to fail and learn are essential to success in our field. At Fail4Lib, we'll talk about our own experiences with projects gone wrong, explore some famous design failures in the real world, and talk about how we can come to terms with the reality of failure, to make it part of our creative process -- rather than something to be feared.
The schedule may include the following:
* Case studies. We'll look at some classic failures from the literature: What can we learn from the mistakes of others?
* Confessionals, for those willing to share. Talk about your own experiences with rough starts, labor pains, and doomed projects in your own work: What can we learn from our own (and each others') failures?
* Group therapy. Let's talk about how to deal with risk management, failed projects, experimental endeavors, and more: How can we make ourselves, our colleagues, and our organizations more fault tolerant? How do we make sure we fail as productively as possible?
''Interested in attending''
* Andreas Orphanides, akorphan at
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