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Umlaut is [[OpenURL]] link resolving middleware that adds functions and services to commercial link resolving software such as [[SFX]].  [[Category:Umlaut]] ==More information== [[About Umlaut]] - A gentle introduction to what Umlaut is and what it can do for you. [ Digital Text Features] - A tour of some of the 'advanced' digital text features, with a demos pointing to JHU site, hosted on jrochkind's blog.  [ blah blah bah blah!!!!!!!!?group_id=4382 Umlaut Listserv] [ Rubyforge home page for developers] [[Umlaut wishlist]] ==Installation and Configuration== [[Umlaut Installation]] [[Umlaut Setup]] [[Umlaut_Deployment]] ==Documentation== ===Overview=== [ Umlaut API Documentation] [[Umlaut Technical Overview]] [[Umlaut_Deployment]] [[Umlaut Local Configuration Architecture]] ===Specific Topics=== [[Umlaut URL parameters]] [[Umlaut logging]] [[Umlaut SFX statistics gotchas]] ====APIs==== [[Umlaut full API]] [[Umlaut partial html API]] [[Umlaut partial html API javascript helper]] ====Developer Notes====[[Notes for a User/Auth architecture]]!?! lololzz!!
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