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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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I want to share in this talk how I went about making our library content DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”): input content in one place—blurbs, policies, featured events, featured databases, book reviews, business hours, etc.—and syndicate it everywhere and sometimes even dynamically targeted to specific audiences.
== No code, no root, no problem? Adventures in SaaS and library discovery ==
*[ Erin White, VCU]
*No previous C4L presentations
In 2012 VCU was an eager early adopter of Ex Libris' cloud service Alma as an ILS, ERM, link resolver, and single-stop, de-silo'd public-facing discovery tool. This has been a disruptive change that has shifted our systems staff's day-to-day work, relationships with others in the library, and relationships with vendors.
I'll share some of our experiences and takeaways from implementing and maintaining a cloud service:
* Seeking disruption and finding it
* Changing expectations of service and the reality of unplanned downtime
* Communication and problem resolution with non-IT library staff
* Working with a vendor that uses agile development methodology
* Benefits and pitfalls of creating customizations and code workarounds
* Changes in library IT/coders' roles with SaaS well as thoughts on the philosophy of library discovery vs real-life experiences in moving to a single-search model.

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