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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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The customization, scale, and integration with other systems such as Archeon and Exist on campus became a concern will be focused and elaborated in the talk.
==Easy Wins for Modern Web Technologies in Libraries==
*[ Trey Terrell], Analyst Programmer, Oregon State University
** No previous Code4Lib presentations
Oregon State University is currently implementing an updated version of its room reservation system. In its development we've come across and implemented a variety of "easy wins" to make it more responsive, easier to maintain, less expensive to run, and just cooler to experience. While our particular system was in Ruby on Rails, this talk will address general methods and example utilities which can be used no matter your stack.
I'll be talking about things like cache management, reverse proxies, publish/subscribe servers, WebSockets, responsive design, asynchronous processing, and keeping complicated stacks up and running with minimal effort.

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