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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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I'll be talking about things like cache management, reverse proxies, publish/subscribe servers, WebSockets, responsive design, asynchronous processing, and keeping complicated stacks up and running with minimal effort.
==Implementing Islandora at a Small Institution==
*Megan Kudzia, Albion College
*Eddie Bachle, Albion College
**No previous Code4Lib presentations
Albion College (and particularly the Library/Archives and Special Collections) has a variety of needs which could be met by an open-source Institutional Repository system. Several months and lots of conversations later, we’re continuing to troubleshoot our way through Islandora. We’d like to talk about what has worked for us, where our frustrations have been, whether it’s even possible to install and develop a system like this at a small institution, and where the process has stalled.
As of right now, we do have a semi-working installation. We’re not sure when it will be ready for our end users, but we'll talk about our development process and evaluate our progress.

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