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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== PeerLibrary – open source cloud based collaborative library ==
* [ Mitar Milutinovic], UC Berkeley, mitar.code4lib at
* Not presented or attended code4lib before
[ PeerLibrary is a new open source project] and a cloud service providing collaborative reading, sharing and storing. Users can upload publications they want to read (currently in PDF format), read them in the browser in real-time with others, highlight, annotate and organize their own or collaborative library. PeerLibrary provides a search engine to search over all uploaded open access publications. Additionally, it aims to collaboratively aggregate the open layer of knowledge on top of this publications through public annotations and references user will add to publications. In this way publications would not just be available to read, but accessible to the general public as well. Currently, it is aiming at scientific community and scientific publications.
See [ screencast here]. [ Subscribe to newsletter] to be a beta tester when we open.
It is still in development and beta launch is planned at the end of November.

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