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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== Island or Archipelago? Reducing Repository Redundancy at University of Toronto Libraries ==
*[ Sara Allain], Special Collections Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough
*[ Kelli Babcock], Special Projects Librarian, Special Projects Librarian, University of Toronto Scarborough
*No previous Code4Lib presentations
This session will address a big issue in library technology – the creation of redundant repositories across large, multi-library institutions. We will discuss an ongoing collaboration at the University of Toronto: the development of Collections UofT, an Islandora/Drupal instance intended to support the special collections projects of UofT's community, faculty members, and 44 libraries. We will look at:
*Successful communication strategies imperative to fostering collaboration among project stakeholders
*Complications caused by legacy repositories and varying metadata standards
*Negotiating branding and usability requirements for disparate projects
*Focused outreach to generate community buy-in
*Defining the roles and responsibilities of the repository's community
*Generating a proactive response to the above issues through documentation, issue reporting, and standardized Memoranda of Understanding
As the University of Toronto Libraries continue to facilitate and develop digital projects, it is vital that our systems be both centralized and flexible, able to meet the needs of various collaborators across a wide range of subject areas. Collections UofT is our first step towards a brighter digital future for special collections at the University of Toronto.

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