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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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* Useful libraries and techniques: '''> 120'''. That's how many date formats our system currently supports when reading from an OAI feed. What libraries did we use to help parse that information? How are we generating thumbnails for various types of content when none are provided? We'll cover useful libraries and gems that make the hub developer's life worth living again.
==Getting a New Website Without Losing the Old One==
*Angie Ballard, NCSU Libraries,
**No previous Code4Lib presentations
*Charlie Morris, NCSU Libraries,
*Erik Olson, NCSU Libraries,
**No previous Code4Lib presentations
The NCSU Libraries last website redesign launch was in August 2010. The stated goal then was to position our website and our organization for a future of evolving through more iterative changes and agile workflows. This year’s latest evolution to a responsive designed website carried out this approach. We made incremental changes that retrofitted the face of the existing desktop website to be responsive-ready while simultaneously developing a fully-responsive Drupal theme.
Staff and end-users saw incremental changes starting with flattening the visual design, followed by font and spacing changes, modularizing existing page elements, and finally new responsive headers, footers and page layouts. This approach allowed us to re-use large portions of existing code, and to provide a more gradual shift for styaff and end-users. This iterative design process allows for testing and internal evaluation along the way. It also highlights IA and Content Strategy issues to be addressed in later projects.
We will talk about how scoping the project to these technical changes while largely maintaining the existing site IA, content, and visual design elements has a number of advantages with a few challenges.

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