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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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How Can a new NISO Recommended Practice Help Me?
The NISO Protocol for Exchanging Serial Content attempts to address an entirely different conundrum: how can digital files which make up serial content (which may well include text and images or other associated data) be successfully transmitted from partner to partner while including metadata requirements for description and organization of content? This information is needed for those who archive and preserve content, as well as those who may aggregate it, index it, or convert it to other uses. As more serial content is shipped to disparate stakeholders for all manner of potential uses, a common protocol will prevent local reinvention of the wheel.
Standards and formally-developed best practices are entities that users in many communities often love to hate (, but when projects need to be completed in a timely, cost-effective way and when interoperability with other entities is key, (almost) everyone will look to see if there is an existing standard or best practice in existence to help them get started. In order for standards and best practices to gain acceptance and adoption, it is critical for their development process to involve as many potential stakeholders and eventual users user communities as possible.

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