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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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*Manyika, J., Chui, M., Brown, B., Bughin, J., Dobbs, R., Roxburgh, C., & Byers, A. (2011). Big data : The next frontier for innovation , competition , and productivity. McKinsey Global Institute, 364(May), 156.
*Yakel, E. (2007). Digital curation. OCLC Systems Services, 23(4), 335–340. doi:10.1108/10650750710831466
== Creating a better web experience ==
* Katie Bertel,, SUNY Buffalo State
* Chris Parana,, SUNY Buffalo State
**No previous presentations at Code4Lib
The web has become much more dynamic and interactive in recent times. Sites more closely resemble full-blown applications, rather than static information resources. We see an opportunity for libraries to adhere to the same design principles used by popular websites, to create a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.
In our presentation, we will discuss the results from usability testing after a website redesign in 2012 (, our guiding design principles, and showcase some of our solutions that enhance user experience, such as responsive web design, unified searching (Knowledge Base, Summon, website documents), and transitional interfaces.
Frameworks can be exploited to significantly reduce the time needed to develop powerful and engaging web applications. For example, we can use motion and transitional interfaces to help convey the sense of “space” in web design.
The goal is to create an engaging experience to draw our users in. When this is achieved, it encourages usage and creates an enjoyable place that is more than just a tool, but also a place for discovery.

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