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2014 preconference proposals

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# Devon Smith
# Kevin S. Clarke
===Using Hydra to manage geospatial data and maps===
'''Half-day [Afternoon]'''
* Contact: Darren Hardy, Stanford University,
* Moderator: Bess Sadler, Stanford University,
Do you have digitized maps, GIS datasets like Shapefiles, aerial photography,
etc., all of which you want to integrate into your digital repository? In this
workshop, we will discuss how Hydra can provide discovery, delivery, and
management services for geospatial assets, as well as solicit questions about
your own GIS projects. We aim to help answer the following questions you might have about putting geospatial data into your Hydra-based digital library:
* What are the types of geospatial data?
* How to dive into Hydra?
* How to model geospatial holdings with Hydra?
* How to discover and view geospatial data?
* How to build a geospatial data infrastructure?
* What are common approaches and problems?
''Interested in Attending''
If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here

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