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2014 preconference proposals

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===AV Content Slam===
'''Half-Day [morning]'''
* Kara Van Malssen, kara (at)
* Lauren Sorenson, laurens (at)
* Steven Villereal , villereal (at)
A morning BarCamp/unconference for practitioners and coders who work with audiovisual content. The agenda will be attendee-driven, with a focus on sharing, synthesizing, and improving workflow strategies and documentation for software-based approaches to wrangling and providing access to audio and video content.
Possible topics of discussion might include:
* Use of format id and characterization/metadata extraction tools for AV
* Creating and using time-based metadata
* Managing (moving, fixity checking, etc) massive files (like uncompressed video)
For a better idea of the topics and concerns that have informed some past AV-themed events, check out the event wikis for [ CURATEcamp AVpres 2013] as well as the [ AMIA/DLF 2013 Hack Day] .
If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here:

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