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2014 Lessons Learned

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Code4Lib 2014 Conference Planning -- Lessons Learned
"Venue planning and negotiation"
* A conference services planning organization, like CONCENTRA, has significant experience in contract details that volunteer planners would unlikely have.
* Venue negotiation takes a significant amount of time. Total of nearly four (5) months of visits, informational calls, and negotiations.
* 46.8% of the estimated cost of C4L2014 was provided by sponsorships. The registration cost of $165 per person covered another 46.8%. The remaining balance of C4L2013 covered the remaining 6-7%.
* To keep registration costs low, it is critical the Sponsorship Committee raise a minimum of $50,000 per year.
* The Code4Lib2014 Sponsorship Prospectus was a '''significant''' tool in raising money this year.

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