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2014 Social Activities

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A/V Geeks Present: When Computers Were Young, Wednesday 3/26
This event, [ When Computers Were Young], will include "Actual 16mm school films that introduce us to the wonderful world of computers and their potential future -- all before Google!" Films will include Disney's Ethics in the Computer Age and more. This showing is an all ages, public event that is part of a series of monthly shows held at [ Kings Barcade], but the event has been scheduled and themed with the Code4Lib crowd in mind.
When: Doors open at 7:30 PM.  Cost: The event is free with a suggested $5 donation.  Where: Located two blocks from the Sheraton, Kings is a 250-capacity live music venue with a full bar and several local beers on tap. Kings is directly connected with the [ Neptunes Parlour], a cocktail lounge with classic arcade games, pinball, and nightly DJ's. The new [ Garland] Indian restaurant, operated by the same owners, is also downstairs. Signup: Please add your name to the [ sign up list] if you would like to attend so that we can inform the organizers about the level of interest
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