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2014 Social Activities

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[,-78.640223&spn=0.01464,0.01929 Code4Lib 2014 Amenities Map, Downtown Raleigh, NC] - Amenities that are within walking distance of the Sheraton or the R Line circulator
== Ideas ==
''Add your own ideas here''
'''Game Night'''
Time and location to be determined
'''Trolley Pub'''
14 person pedal-powered [ trolleys]. Can be booked for pub crawls in downtown or in the Warehouse District. BYOB allowed. Private tours for 8-14 people can be booked for $350 for two hour time slots between 11:00 AM and midnight. Smaller groups of 1-6 people can also by 'Mixer' tickets for $30 (shared trolley).
'''Brewpub Walk'''
Three brewpubs can be found along a [ 1.2 mile walk] through the Warehouse District west from the Sheraton.
NOTE: Trophy Brewing, the westernmost brewpub, has great pizza but limited seating. To finish with dinner, go in smaller numbers if eating at Trophy, or go around the corner to Irregardless Cafe, which has veg*n options. Alternatively, start at Trophy and go the opposite direction and eat in the Warehouse District or downtown where there are many dining options.
'''NCAA Tournament Game at PNC Arena'''
[ Third Round Division I Men's basketball game]. If anyone else is crazy enough to pay the money for tickets email rosalynmetz [at] the gmail
== Local Events ==
* [ Trophy Brewing & Pizza Company] (1.2 miles)
[ Theoretical Possible brewpub walking tour] [NOTE: Trophy has great pizza but limited seating. To finish with dinner consider going the opposite direction and eating in the Warehouse District or downtown]
'''Greater Raleigh'''

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