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2014 Social Activities

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Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening
[ bu ku] (Global street food)
# Bohyun Kim - v (leader) Reservation at 6:15; Meet at the hotel lobby 2nd fl b/w the coffee bar and the entrance at 6pm (Twitter: [ @bohyunkim] if u need to get in touch)
# Junior Tidal - n
# Brian Rogers - n
# Lauren Magnuson -v (ish - only been once before)
# '''Full group!'''
# Darren Hardy - n (second table) at 6:30pm. Meet in hotel lobby at 6:15.
# Hui Zhang - n
# Trey Terrell - v (Once)
# Mark Redar - v (Once)
# '''Full group'''
[ Sono] (Japanese)
# Ryan Wick - v (leader) - Reservations made at 6:30. '''Meet in hotel lobby at 6:15''' email: ryanwick@gmail
# Paul Ruderman - n
# Sharon Clapp - v
# Robin Dean - v
# Tommy Ingulfsen - n
# Stephen Patton - n
# '''Full group!'''
[ La Volta] (Italian)
[ Poole's] (Local food)
# Jean Rainwater - v (leader)- they don't take reservations - email me contact info at Jean_Rainwater-at-brown-dot-edu '''Meet at Fayetteville St. door in lobby at 6:15'''
# Cynthia (Arty) Ng
# Catelynne Sahadath -n
[ Calavera Empanada & Tequila Bar] (Empanada)
[ The Big Easy] (New Orleans/Creole) # Robert Haschart - v (leader) Reservations for 6 people at 6:30pm. email me contact info at rh9ec-at-virginia-dot-edu# Xiaoming Wang# Michael Durbin - v# Sue Richeson -n# Ed Fugikawa -n# Tao You - n# '''full group!'''
[ Posta Tuscan Grille] (Italian)
# Julia Bauder - v(leader) Reservations for 6 people at 6:15pm. Please e-mail me your contact info at bauderj-at-grinnell-dot-edu)
# Brian Riley - n
# Mark Mounts - v
# Birkin James Diana - v
# Walter Stine - n
# Michael Levy - v(ish; I attended once, in 2011)
# '''Full group!'''
# Michael Blake - n
# Zahra Ashktorab - n (I'm landing later that evening and will join if you are still out at around 8:30/9)
# Emily Reynolds - n
# Wendy Hagenmaier - n
# Tom Burton-West -v
# '''Full group!''' (I'll take 7 names, since one of us will be joining us later if we're still there)
[ Beasley's Chicken + Honey] (Southern)
Group 1
# Rosalyn Metz - v (leader)
# Chad Nelson - v (insubordinator)
# Arcadia Falcone -n
# Mike Beccaria - v
# '''Full group!'''
Group 2 -- MEET in Sheraton Lobby in front of Reception at 6:00pm
# Matt Zumwalt - v (leader) -- [ @flyingzumwalt] on twitter
# Chris Sharp - v
# Joe Ferrie - n
# Logan Cox - n
# Jerry Nugent - n
# Joe Atzberger - v
# '''Full group!'''
# '''Full group!'''
[ Sitti] (Lebanese) - Meet in the hotel lobby (1st floor Salisbury St entrance) at 6 pm; look for the short woman in the big brown hat
# Becky Yoose - v (benevolent dictator/leader) contact me at b.yoose at the google machine in case you might run late
# Michael Gibney - n
# '''Full group!'''
Group 2 (Can we keep this mostly newbies, please?) - '''Reservations for 6 at 6:15 PM; depart hotel 2nd floor at 6 PM'''# Mx Matienzo - v (leader- look for me in the bright blue puffy coat)
# Cary Gordon - v
# Mark Breedlove - n
# '''Full group!'''
Group V (Declan made reservations for 6 at 6p. Contact: declan@declan.netWe'll leave the lobby at 5:45 and saunter over to The Pit.)
# Declan Fleming - v (leader)
# Mike Giarlo - v
[ The Remedy Diner] (Diner (lots of Veg*n options))
# Erin White - v (leader)- meet at the LINK (second floor Sheraton, computerz, fancy chairs) at 6 p.m. The Remedy doesn't take reservations so there may be a wait.
# Linda Ballinger - v(ish)
# Terry Brady - v (been one other time)# Gabe Ormsby - n
# Eric James - v
# Jenny Gubernick - n
# '''Full group!'''Laurie Moses - n (attended 1 time)
[ Centro] (Mexican)
[ Brewmasters Bar and Grill] (Brewpub)
# Esmé Cowles - v (leader) - meet in the lobby at 6 (Brewmasters doesn't take reservations, so we may have to have a beer before dinner)
# Christina Salazar - v/n
# Francis Kayiwa - v (follower)
# Zahra Ashktorab - n
# David Drexler - v (ish)
# '''Full group!'''
[ The Raleigh Times] (Barfood with good beer)
# Jason Raitz - v (leader) Meet in the lobby (glasses, beard, green shirt, tan pants) around 6:15 to walk over. email jason.raitz @ the gmails for more info.
# Dave Menninger - v (once before)
# Blake GH - n
# Tim Clarke - v (once)
# Adam Malantonio - n
# Shelley Hostetler - n
# '''Full group!'''
[ Boylan Bridge Brewpub] (Brewpub)
# Carolyn Cole v (leader)We will meet in in the 1st floor lobby around 5:30ish and walk over (its about a 20 minute walk). If you are not meeting us in the lobby let me know so we do not wait for you (cam156 at psu) # Justin Simpson - n# Christian Sarason - v (3rd times a charm?)# Scott Bacon - n# Andy Weidner - n# David Malone - n (ish)# '''Full group!'''
[ Mantra] (Indian)
=== James B. Hunt Library Reception and Tour, Tuesday 3/25 ===
A reception and tour of the James B. Hunt Library on NCSU's Centennial Campus will take place on Tuesday, March 25, 5:00-7:30 PM. See the The library, which opened in January 2013, was recently [ winner] of the Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries, and has been recognized for it's [ advanced technology and hi-tech spaces]. See the library through the eyes of the students in the over 3,000 Instagram photos in the [ My #HuntLibrary] project. The furniture alone has generated interest, as shown on the [ Chairs of Hunt Library] Tumbler site. Note: Tickets are not required to attend the tour and reception, however '''please wear your name badges''' so that we can control access to food and drink.
'''Travel to Hunt'''
Buses will begin loading at the Salisbury St. side (lower level) of the Sheraton at 5:00 PM after the day's sessions have concluded. The last bus will leave the Sheraton at 5:45 PM, but attendees are encouraged to join the earlier buses if possible. Please note that the Hunt Library is 4 miles from the Sheratonand is not directly accessible via public transit from downtown.
Pizza (vegan, vegetarian, meat), nuts, and light snacks salads will be made available in the Multipurpose Room, along with soft drinks , and beer from the [ NC State Brewery]. Food and drink will be available until around 7:00 PM. Tickets are not required for food or drink.
Attendees will be welcome to embark on a self-guided tour of the library. Library staff will be on hand at selected locations, including hi-tech spaces such as the [ bookBot] robotic book delivery system, the [ iPearl Immersion Theater], the [ Teaching & Visualization Lab], the [ Creativity Studio], the [ Game Lab], and the [ Makerspace].
'''Travel back to the Sheraton'''
Buses will begin to load for the return trip at 6:45 PM. The last bus will leave the Hunt Library at approximately 7:45 30 PM.
=== #libtechwomen meetup, Tuesday 3/25 ===
This event, [ When Computers Were Young], will include "Actual 16mm school films that introduce us to the wonderful world of computers and their potential future -- all before Google!" Films will include Disney's Ethics in the Computer Age and more. This showing is an all ages, public event that is part of a series of monthly shows held at [ Kings Barcade], but the event has been scheduled and themed with the Code4Lib crowd in mind.
'''When:''' Doors open at 7:30 PM. Show starts probably closer to 8:00 and will involve a number of shorter films. People can come and go as they please.
'''Where:''' Located two blocks from the Sheraton, Kings is a 250-capacity live music venue with a full bar and several local beers on tap. Kings is directly connected with the [ Neptunes Parlour], a cocktail lounge with classic arcade games, pinball, and nightly DJ's. The new [ Garland] Indian restaurant, operated by the same owners, is also downstairs. The entrance to Kings and Neptunes is just past the "Garland" sign if you turn west down Martin St. (past the Subway on Fayetteville St.) and look right. Kings is upstairs and Neptunes is downstairs.
'''Cost:''' The event is free with a suggested $5 donation.
'''Signup:''' Please add your name to the [ sign up list] if you would like to attend are interested in attending so that we can inform the organizers about the level of interest
=== <del>Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening</del> CANCELED ===
The Library Tech Cast will be hosting a live Round table somewhere at the Sheraton, we are looking for about 5 people who would be interested. Our Topics can be anything you want, feel free to speak your mind!
=== Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening ===The Library Tech Cast will be hosting a live Round table somewhere at the Sheraton, we are looking for about 5 people who would be interested. We are planning to disscus the conf and what has been going on etc. See []for details!
Please contact if you have any questions!
'''Location:''' TBD Somewhere (in a conference room? we are working this outMeet by the Reg Table)
'''Time:''' TBD, sometime after the afternoon session, Around 6PM (six-ish?Maybe a little before)
'''Signup:''' Please put your Name and Email Address Below!
Canceled due to Lack of Intreset
*Riley Childs,
=== Game Night: Wednesday Evening ===
Game Night is another alternative option for Wednesday evening socializing. Conference goers are welcome to bring their own games from home. Games should probably be of the shorter variety (<2 hours) to allow new players to learn and finish games.
'''Where:''' Magnolia 2
'''When:''' Wednesday Evening from 6 to at least 10
'''Signup:''' None. Just show up or leave as you please. There will be 4 tables with 8 chairs each.
'''Food:''' Bring your own food/drinks. All alcoholic drinks must be bought at the bar.
'''Fun:''' Absolutely
Jason Raitz (jcraitz @ ncsu) for questions to direct to the hotel.
'''Games!''' Who's bringing what:
* [ Kill Doctor Lucky] (yo_bj)
* [ Zendo] (coral)
* [ Hanabi] (coral)
* [ Chrononauts] (pnkrcklibrarian)
* [ Fluxx] (pnkrcklibrarian)
* [ Gloom] (pnkrcklibrarian)
* [ Tsuro] (dan)
* [ Flash Point] (dan)
* [ Pandemic] (dan)
* [ 7 Wonders] (dan)
* [ Ultimate Werewolf: Inquisition] (rachelvacek)
* [ Coup] (rachelvacek)
* [ Love Letter] (rachelvacek)
* [ Citadels] (rachelvacek)
* [ King of Tokyo] plus expansions (rachelvacek)
* [ Cthulhu Dice] (SeanHendricks)
* [ Innovation] (SeanHendricks)
* [ Cthulhu Fluxx] (SeanHendricks)
* [ Cthulhu Gloom] (SeanHendricks)
* [ Lunch Money] (SeanHendricks)
* [ Seven Dragons] (JonGorman)
* [ Ultimate Werewolf] (JonGorman)
* [ No Thanks!] (JonGorman)
* [ Love Letter] (JonGorman)
* [ Cheaty Mages] (JonGorman)
* A deck of playing cards and Sid Sackson's "Card Games Around the World"
== Social Map - Places of Interest==
'''Game Night'''
Time and location to be determinedUpdate: We've secured Wednesday night in Magnolia 2! I'm adding this as a planned event above.
I can bring some board games if people are interested. I have a decent [ collection]. Let me know via email at vacekrae on gmail. + * I'll be bringing a few board games that I normally take to my weekly library game nights. Some of collaborative and are great facilitators for conversation (Flash Point, Pandemic). - Dan, danmoore1987 on gmail.
'''Trolley Pub'''
14 person pedal-powered [ trolleys]. Can be booked for pub crawls in downtown or in the Warehouse District. BYOB allowed. Private tours for 8-14 people can be booked for $350 for two hour time slots between 11:00 AM and midnight. Smaller groups of 1-6 people can also by buy 'Mixer' tickets for $30 (shared trolley). Note: with weather being what it might be and the money required, this might not be a good idea now. --J. Raitz @ NCSU
'''Brewpub Walk'''
* [ Fox Liquor Bar] Cocktails, local beer (''Ashley Christiansen'')
* [ Slim's] Dive bar (live music)
* [ Capital Club 16]
'''Moore Square'''
* [ C Grace] Cocktails and live jazz
* [ Clockwork] Retro cocktail lounge
* [ Hibernian] Irish pub
'''Seaboard Station/Person St.'''
* [ Tyler's Tap Room] Beer
* [https Person Street Bar]
'''Best places for groups to watch NCAA Championship Games'''
===Monday March 24===
* Cure for the Mondays Comedy Night at [ Tir Na Nog]
===Tuesday, March 25===
* [ Raleigh Beer Guide Kickoff Party] All 15 Greater Raleigh breweries on tap.
== Live Music ==
'''Sunday March 23'''
* Three 6 Mafia at [ Lincoln Theater]
* [ Axxa/Abraxas] at Slim's, with Lollipops (''Recommended local band'') opening
* [ Coast 2 Coast Live Interactive Showcase] at Pour House
* Open Mic Night at [ Deep South]
* Saxapahaw: [ Haw River Ballroom]
==Getting Around==
'''R-Line Downtown Circulator'''
Free [ circulator bus] that connects downtown districts (see [ map]). Buses run every 10-15 minutes and can be tracked on the [ R-Line mobile application].
'''Capital Area Transit'''
The [ CAT bus system] covers the Greater Raleigh area.
'''Triangle Transit'''
The [ TTA bus system] provides transportation to Chapel/Carrboro, Durham and other points across the Triangle region. The TTA routes complement CAT routes to West Raleigh locations such as NC State.
[ Raleigh Rickshaw] and [ Crank Arm Rickshaw] provide on call or on street pickup. Since January has decided to stick around through late March the rickshaws may not be out on the streets much however.

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