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2014 Social Activities

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James B. Hunt Library Reception and Tour, Tuesday 3/25
'''Travel to Hunt'''
Buses will begin loading at the Sheraton at 5:00 PM after the day's sessions have concluded. The last bus will leave the Sheraton at 5:45 PM, but attendees are encouraged to join the earlier buses if possible. Please note that the Hunt Library is 4 miles from the Sheratonand is not directly accessible via public transit from downtown.
Pizza and light snacks will be made available in the Multipurpose Room, along with soft drinks , and beer from the [ NC State Brewery]. Food and drink will be available until 7:00 PM.
Attendees will be welcome to embark on a self-guided tour of the library. Library staff will be on hand at selected locations, including hi-tech spaces such as the [ bookBot] robotic book delivery system, the [ Immersion Theater], the [ Teaching & Visualization Lab], the [ Creativity Studio], the [ Game Lab], and the [ Makerspace].
'''Travel back to the Sheraton'''
Buses will begin to load for the return trip at 6:45 PM. The last bus will leave the Hunt Library at approximately 7:45 30 PM.
=== #libtechwomen meetup, Tuesday 3/25 ===

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