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2014 Social Activities

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Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening
A reception and tour of the James B. Hunt Library on NCSU's Centennial Campus will take place on Tuesday, March 25, 5:00-7:30 PM. The library, which opened in January 2013, was recently [ winner] of the Stanford Prize for Innovation in Research Libraries, and has been recognized for it's [ advanced technology and hi-tech spaces]. See the library through the eyes of the students in the over 3,000 Instagram photos in the [ My #HuntLibrary] project. The furniture alone has generated interest, as shown on the [ Chairs of Hunt Library] Tumbler site.
Note: Tickets are not required to attend the tour and reception, and you are welcome however '''please wear your name badges''' so that we can control access to attend even if you did not check the Hunt tour option on the conference registration formfood and drink.
'''Travel to Hunt'''
This event, [ When Computers Were Young], will include "Actual 16mm school films that introduce us to the wonderful world of computers and their potential future -- all before Google!" Films will include Disney's Ethics in the Computer Age and more. This showing is an all ages, public event that is part of a series of monthly shows held at [ Kings Barcade], but the event has been scheduled and themed with the Code4Lib crowd in mind.
'''When:''' Doors open at 7:30 PM. Show starts probably closer to 8:00 and will involve a number of shorter films. People can come and go as they please.
'''Where:''' Located two blocks from the Sheraton, Kings is a 250-capacity live music venue with a full bar and several local beers on tap. Kings is directly connected with the [ Neptunes Parlour], a cocktail lounge with classic arcade games, pinball, and nightly DJ's. The new [ Garland] Indian restaurant, operated by the same owners, is also downstairs. The entrance to Kings and Neptunes is just past the "Garland" sign if you turn west down Martin St. (past the Subway on Fayetteville St.) and look right. Kings is upstairs and Neptunes is downstairs.
'''Cost:''' The event is free with a suggested $5 donation.
'''Signup:''' Please add your name to the [ sign up list] if you are interested in attending so that we can inform the organizers about the level of interest
=== <del>Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening </del> CANCELED ===
The Library Tech Cast will be hosting a live Round table somewhere at the Sheraton, we are looking for about 5 people who would be interested. Our Topics can be anything you want, feel free to speak your mind!
Please contact if you have any questions!
'''Location:''' Somewhere(Meet by the Reg Table)
'''Time:''' Around 6PM (Maybe a little before)
'''Signup:''' Please put your Name and Email Address Below!
Canceled due to Lack of Intreset
*Riley Childs,

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