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2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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==breakout: UX in organizational culture==
''Blame @erinrwhite for notes.''
Coral facilitates. Her question for the group is, how can we overcome the focus on library experience and focus instead on user experience?
=== what's your problem?===
Introductions. Common problems:
* "Just make a web page!"
* "I can figure this weird arcane and overly complicated thing out. Why can't anyone else?"
* Convincing stakeholders that design isn't print design, doesn't need to be the same for everyone and isn't static.
* Redesign by committee, have mercy!
* Getting ready for a redesign
* Publishing/learning about UX research. Who's going through IRB, who's publishing this stuff?
* Devaluation of UX work in library, funding or mandate
* UX not being built into organizational policies etc.
* How can we scale up UX above and beyond one-project research? Expanding to include more projects beyond the website?
* How can we convince our organizations to not recreate the org chart with the website?
* Trying to create a UX position that is beyond web librarian
* Not just testing sites with librarians (!)
* What about user experience for back-of-house software?
* I'm a web team of one. Help?
* "Put the MARC view back in the catalog!"
* Do we really need to default to advanced search? Battling the exceptions vs the average user?
* Taking a guerrilla approach to UX research
* Not a lot of staff in digital area
* Moving from a culture of complaint to a culture of...fixing
A couple folks here working in organizations that have UX and assessment built into the culture. Thanks in advance for your knowledge, y'all!
=== themes===
We broke into sub-groups:
* Making time
* Changing culture
* Beyond the website

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