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List of Library Github Accounts

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This is a list of Github accounts belonging to libraries, or in which libraries manage their code, or which contain projects relevant to libraries. Add yours! Add any others you know of! Maybe add links to interesting projects in subbullets!  Let's make it alphabetical to start with, and figure out a better organizing method if it gets big enough to need it. Whoops: a list already exists: . Since this page is getting retweeted a lot today feel free to add to it, and I'll merge it into the pre-existing page this evening and leave a link here. See also #REDIRECT [ Universities on Github] * [ The British Library]* [ Brown University Library]* [ Columbia University LibrariesSharing Code]* [ Georgetown University Libraries]* [ Internet Archive]* [ Library of Congress]* [ Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library]* [ New York Public Library]* [ Open Library Team]* [ Ryerson University Library & Archives]* [ Scholars' Lab]* [ Scientific Information Office, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS Library)]* [ Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, McMaster University]* [ Stanford University Digital Library]* [ University of Alberta Libraries]

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