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''With Schuyler Lindberg''
* A practical introduction to HTML5, CSS3, & JQuery, this workshop will cover the fundamentals of modern front-end web design. Not your typical "hello world!" code-from-scratch approach, it will demonstrate how to 'stand on the shoulders of giants' and take advantage of open source tools and templates to very quickly construct a fully-functional, responsive, HTML5 web site. * Bring a laptop and your favorite text editor (I recommend Sublime Text). No prior experience necessary.
''Schuyler Lindberg completed his MLIS at SLAIS in 2012, and after a stint as a Digital Asset Management Consultant at BC Hydro, began his current role as Interaction Designer for Digital Projects at UBC Library Systems & Information Technology where he tests, designs, and develops user interfaces for library web applications. He is currently building a unified portal for the library's digital collections''
''With Alex Garnett''
* This 3 hour workshop will introduce the fundamentals of Python as a first (or second) programming language. It will provide an overview of syntax, best practices, and how to get from A to B in simple, purposeful tasks, taking string parsing as an example. This will include a brief review of (relatively) sane approaches to doing iterative development on your own, including how to solve errors on a case-by-case basis, without having to read coding manuals from cover to cover.  * Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own machines (Windows, Mac, or Linux okay) so that they can walk away from the workshop with a workflow that works for them.
''Alex Garnett works on Data Curation and Digital Preservation at SFU Library. Most of his coding is self-taught, which is a good thing when it isn't a bad thing. He doesn't always like it when he hears people start evangelizing about how everyone should learn to code, but he's caught himself talking about how some people really ought to learn really useful and fun things like string functions on occasion. He has strong feelings and a bad back.''

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