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2014 Lessons Learned

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* forthcoming!Ask folks to follow a file naming convention for any files they send. Using their full name in the filename. * Make a note about how the committee ought to be addressed. Someone had a question about this and didn’t want to lose out because they weren’t formal enough. We can specify who the letter ought to be addressed to even if the packet is being sent to one person on the committee.* If we have many scholarships, consider opening up the categories to a consideration just of financial need or others. This might encourage other sponsors to give. (Institutional diversity for scholarships. Regional scholarships. Rural librarian.)* Ask that the statement of eligibility be in the first paragraph of the letter to make it easier to organize applications.* Keep a list of everyone who has won a scholarship in the past.* For the committee deliberations create a list of what factors to consider in selection. (e.g. How likely to be active in the community if awarded?) May allow some community supported guidelines to be put forward. * In the initial notification letter of selection, let the person know they will also be asked to write a short bio. These can then be used by sponsors to promote the scholarship sponsorship.* We got the suggestion to have badge ribbons for scholarship winners.* The lunch the first day was a success. Make sure someone is responsible for checking the day of that tables will be reserved for this purpose. * Promote the sponsors and the scholarship winners more via social media during the conference.* Automatically invite keynote speakers to the scholarship lunch. 

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