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2014 Breakout I (Tuesday)

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VuFind Update
==VuFind Update==
Sorry for the delay
We had a lovely gathering of VuFind veterans with a few new comers stopping by to hear what VuFind is all about. New comer and VuFind developer Chris Hallberg headed the meeting, a strong term for sitting there and listening to all the exciting news from our awesome collaborators.
We started with some spoilers from [ Julia Bauder's Visualization Talk], a feature of VuFind in active development. Then we went over the short-term plans for VuFind, looking at our GitHub's pull requests, heard an update from Tom on data normalization.
John Sarnowski of the ResCarta Foundation came by to see how VuFind has change since he looked at it a few years ago as the front of his project. Looking forward to a possible collaboration here. Joe talked about his excitement over console tools and his frustration with licensing, hoping to see these in the VuFind core soon! We heard about the OLE timeline and wrapped with Julia talking about her success with ebsco.
Thanks for coming by! See you all in Portland!

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