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2014 preconference proposals

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By the end of this session, you should be able to [ "Obey the Testing Goat"] from the start to finish for your next project.
'''Link Dump'''
[ "Two Scoops of Django"] was mentioned by Birkin and another gentleman (thanks!) as being a great source for best practices with Django. There is a lot of decision making in regards to project layout and such in Django, and this is a really good guide for this aspect of development in Django.
[ "twill - simple http scripting"] - twill is a great, easy and quick tool for testing basic http responses from your server. We use it to do continue integration testing from a cron job. Really handy...
[ "Travis CI"] - continuous integration server as a service. A lot easier than setting up a jenkins server, and free for public github repos. Also, fun to watch!!!
[ ""] - code coverage tool, see if your tests hit all of your code lines.
[ "virtualenv -- use it!]
[ "great blog post on over mocking and the need for functional acceptance tests"]
If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here:

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