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2015 Conference Committees

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This committee plans the pre-conference day. It keeps strong lines of communications open with the Program Committee. It also helps shepherd events on the day itself.
* [[User:ChristinaHarlow|Christina Harlow]]
== Program Committee ==
This committee organizes the t-shirt contest, collecting submissions, and putting out the call for votes. This committee is also responsible for helping the local planning committee identify a vendor that will fit within the budget constraints for the conference. User sizes and preferences will be obtained as part of the registration process.
*[[User:ChristinaHarlow|Christina Harlow]]
== Voting Activities Committee ==
* Francis Kayiwa
* Becky Yoose (will do things for mortgage payment assistance)
* [[User:ChristinaHarlow|Christina Harlow]]
== Wifi / Electrical / IRC ==

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