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Prepared Talk Proposals

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I'll discuss my work writing a Chrome extension version of my [ WikipeDPLA] user script which inserts results from the DPLA API into Wikipedia pages. I'll talk about the process of writing a browser extension: the advantages, disadvantages, available APIs, and structure. I can also discuss more generally the DPLA API and how the user script works, plus why I would want to convert it into a browser extension.
'''Visualizing DSpace SOLR Statistics''' - Aaron Collier, California State University Chancellors Office
I'll discuss the work I am doing extracting usage statistics from the DSpace SOLR stats structure for reporting and visualization within our Multi-tenant instance, hosting most of the CSU library repositories. While this is a work in progress, I'll talk about the process of extracting and understanding what is being stored in SOLR and how I am interpreting and reporting those results.

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