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Pitch an idea you can work to solve in 3 hours or so, or join with someone else who has a project. Stuck on something at work? Find a buddy here to help you. Want to make something new and fun? Here's your chance for free labor. We'll have a hackfest idea basket at morning coffee, or you can leave your ideas on the wiki. Of course, you can also just show up with your idea. We're not the boss of you.
*MARCStore - Some sort of datastore, perhaps with using something like MARCPath that's relatively easy to ingest records in and then pull out & order records.* Hack Koha or Evergreen to use SQRL (Squirrel), a key-exchange type system for authentication - Could be used for anonymous logins and interacting with system or even possibly for a "smartphone card" app.* Short Story Remixer - try to create tool to pull in public domain short story collections, split them apart, and re-stitch them together

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