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* Code4Lib Journal as epub - either Wordpress or screen scrape Code4Lib journal and produce epub/mobi file per issue. -Jon Gorman
* BookList - a collaborative tool for creating lists of books & comments on them (See BoardGameGeek geeklist for inspiration) - Jon Gorman
* Script to periodically remind Illiad users to update their contact information, since not everyone can keep Banner data in sync with it - Matthew Reidsma
* Work on next release of the Library Status app, with better generalization and easy installation ( -Matthew Reidsma & Jon Earley
* Dream up something cool to do with, which I built at a 2-person hackfest in March. - Matthew Reidsma
(Note from Jon Gorman, - Obviously I can't work on all of these things, but they're several of the projects that are recently have been rattling about in my brain, would be happy to work on any of them or to see other folks working on them).

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