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Presentations or Workshops
* Eric Echeverri and Steve Lonn on the digital open badges initiative that is taken place at the University of Michigan, specifically Digital Badges for libraries. Steve Lonn will be joining us via Gtalk for an in depth understanding of this technology. Eric will go over the technical details of exporting badges into the Mozilla backpack for learners. This application is done in ruby and is up and running at []
* Development tips from the front-lines: Tips and techniques useful for software development in Libraries. Jon Gorman, University of Illinois (at Urbana-Champaign). Last year's Code4Lib Midwest there was a great amount of interest in improving development skills. Jon doesn't claim to be the best developer, but he's will to share what intimidated him unnecessarily and useful tips & tricks for both improving skills and overview of techniques that make life easier. (Bootstrap, jQuery, Rule engines, templates, Good books to read, etc). (Note: I'm willing to bump this down to a very quick lightning talk if people aren't interested, I just thought the schedule looked like it needed some fleshing out).
** Link to slides (I'll try to make this better later)
** Some comments from afterwards. For logging in perl, I like [Log::Log4perl |] and for testing I use [Test::More. |] (And occasionally [Perl::Critic |])
** Some good perl books -> [Effective Programming in Perl |], [Perl Best Practices |](hard read, but nice).
* Can you do FOSS at your library if you're a small, one-person shop? How do you figure it out? Megan Kudzia, Albion College Library. I've made plenty of mistakes along the way, and I thought maybe others might find what I've figured out useful. As a community that values free/open source, it can be really difficult to assess if you're starting out in your career and you're pretty much "the technology person" at your library (I suspect there are a lot of us in this boat). In addition to mistakes, I've had some successes too, which I'll also share about - it's not all bad news! (Note: like Joh, I'm willing to bump this down to a lightning talk if folks aren't really interested).
* CANCELLED (sorry) Deploy Code with Confidence (with lots of tests and application monitoring). Jeremy Prevost, Northwestern University

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