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* Hack Koha or Evergreen to use SQRL (Squirrel), a key-exchange type system for authentication - Could be used for anonymous logins and interacting with system or even possibly for a "smartphone card" app. - Jon Gorman
* Short Story Remixer - try to create tool to pull in public domain short story collections, split them apart, and re-stitch them together - Jon Gorman
* [[C4lMW14 - Code4Lib Journal as epub ]]- either Wordpress or screen scrape Code4Lib journal and produce epub/mobi file per issue. -Jon Gorman
* BookList - a collaborative tool for creating lists of books & comments on them (See BoardGameGeek geeklist for inspiration) - Jon Gorman
* Script to periodically remind Illiad users to update their contact information, since not everyone can keep Banner data in sync with it - Matthew Reidsma

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