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2015 Conference Committees

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T-Shirt Committee
This committee organizes the t-shirt contest, collecting submissions, and putting out the call for votes. This committee is also responsible for helping the local planning committee identify a vendor that will fit within the budget constraints for the conference. User sizes and preferences will be obtained as part of the registration process.
Note: During the lead-up to the 2014 conference, the organizing committee discussed recommending not having a t-shirt for 2015. There was some design fatigue in the community (evidenced by little participation, recycled ideas, etc.), difficulty managing file formats for the printing company (this happens every year!), and some difficulty organizing size, gender, and color preferences for everyone at a reasonable cost. We discussed having a mug or other take-home for 2015 instead. It'll be worth checking with the community about their feelings towards losing the t-shirt, or otherwise finding a way to renew interest in the idea.

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