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Second Annual Code4lib BC Event
'''Register here''': **eventbrite link here**
'''What''': It’s a 2 day unconference! A participant-driven meeting featuring lightning talks in the mornings, hackfest breakout sessions in the afternoons, with coffee, tea and snacks provided. Lightning talks are brief presentations which are typically 5-10 minutes in length (15 minutes is the maximum) on topics related to library technologies: current projects, tips and tricks, or hacks in the works. Hackfest Breakout sessions is an opportunity to bring participants together in an ad hoc fashion for a short, yet sustained period of problem solving, software development and fun. In advance of the event, we will gather project ideas in a form available through our wiki and registration pages. Each afternoon the code4libBC participants will review and discuss the proposals, break into groups, and work on some of the projects.
'''Who''': A diverse and open community of library developers and non-developers engaging in effective, collaborative problem-solving through technology.Anyone from the library community who is interested in library technologies are welcome to join and participate, regardless of their department or background: systems and IT, public services, circulation, cataloguing and technical services, archives, digitization and preservation. All are welcome to help set the agenda, define the outcomes and develop the deliverables!
If you’re ready to get your hands dirty with library technology practitioners, join us!
'''Code of Conduct''': As a Code4Lib event, we adhere to the Code4Lib Code of Conduct, which seeks to provide a welcoming, harassment-free environment. Please see the [ Code of Conduct] for further details.
'''Sponsorship''': We will be relying on the support of sponsors to rent space in Harbour Centre, subsidize the cost of wireless and to help keep the registration costs affordable. Sponsors will enjoy many benefits, including full recognition in promotional materials and wide exposure among code4libBC attendees. This year's conference offers three levels of sponsorship:
* Room sponsorship
* Wireless sponsorship
And special thanks to the BC Libraries Cooperative for assisting the organizing group with administrative duties.
'''Organizers''': Also thanks to all our organizers
* Paul Joseph (Chair)
* Caroline Daniels
=== '''Breakout Suggestions''' ===
Requests, but facilitator needed:
* Want to put us where the user is - discuss
* collaboratively improve an open source project's crappy documentation
* my website is stuck in a crappy institutional CMS. What can I do with it?
= Past Events =

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