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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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==Limor Fried==
Open source hardware hacker. Founded [ Adafruit Industries]. Adafruit designs and sells open source electronic kits as well as provides a space online to learn about making, wearables, and microcomputers. Fried was awarded the Pioneer Award by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2009, the Most Influential Women in Technology award by ''Fast Company'' in 2011, and was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2012 by ''Entrepreneur'' magazine. You can read more about her on [ her Wikipedia article]. [ Limor Fried]
==Mark Matienzo==
==Rob Sanderson==
Rob Sanderson is the Technical Collaboration Facilitator at Stanford, and has played a leadership role in the development and publication of the [ IIIF Image and Presentation APIs], [ W3C Open Annotation], and [ Shared Canvas] specs. This standards-based work is a critical prerequisite to developing next generation open source, cross-institutional tools for interacting with linked data and digitized content. Rob can convey (in a cool British [sic, edit: kiwi] accent) how to get better results when it comes to technical collaboration in libraries. [ Rob Sanderson]
==Ed Summers==
and preparing digital content for preservation -- specifically needs that can be addressed using existing
high-performance forensic technologies (with a little tweaking). He is also interested in developing datasets
and teaching technologies to support education and professional training in digital archiving. He can give a great talk (I know from 2014 ALA) & I'll bet would have some great tech & social insides for Code4Lib . [ Kam Woods]
==Andromeda Yelton==

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