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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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== Kortney Ziegler ==
Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler is an Oakland based award winning artist, director, writer, and the first person to hold the Ph.D. of African American Studies from Northwestern University. Dr. Ziegler is also the founder of [ Trans*H4CK]--the only tech event of its kind that spotlights trans* created tech and trans* led startups.
[ Kortney Ziegler]
== Amelia C. Abreu ==
Amelia Abreu lives in Portland, OR and works as a UX researcher. She is a PhD candidate at University of Washington's School of Information, where her dissertation research looks at the social aspects of data collection. Much of her recent writing, such as for [ Model View Culture] and [ Medium], addresses the intersection between UX, data collection, communities, and gender. Before starting her PhD program, Amelia worked as an archivist, a librarian, and a writer.
[ Amelia Abreu]
== Kimberly Bryant ==

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