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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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== Amelia C. Abreu ==
[ Amelia Abreu]
== Deborah Bryant==
Deborah Bryant's lives in Portland and is Red Hat's Senior Director Open Source and Standards. Her experience is broad and deep ([ LinkedIn] and [ bio]. Her work with open source adoption in government would make her qualified to give us advice on how to push things within the institutions that we work in.
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== Kimberly Bryant ==
Biomedical/Engineering professional and founder of [ Black Girls Code], an organization dedicated to bringing more WOC to technology and computer science. She gave a [ keynote at LibTechConf] in 2012, if you want to see what type of work she has been doing with BGC. They are also working on launching a companion group, [ Black Boys Code].
[ Kimberly Bryant]
==Selena Deckelmann==
Selena Deckelmann lives in Portland who is a major contributor to PostgreSQL and a data architect at Mozilla. She's one of The Ada Initiative advisors. She's a [ very experienced speaker] and looks like an interesting speaker ([ Ignite Portland talk on election rigging in Nigeria])
It looks like she's on an [ email sabbatical] but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to get in touch with her. According to the internet, she also raises chickens.
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== Sally Deffor ==

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