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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Deborah Bryant's lives in Portland and is Red Hat's Senior Director Open Source and Standards. Her experience is broad and deep ([ LinkedIn] and [ bio]. Her work with open source adoption in government would make her qualified to give us advice on how to push things within the institutions that we work in.
Add contact info[ Deb Bryant] 
== Kimberly Bryant ==
Biomedical/Engineering professional and founder of [ Black Girls Code], an organization dedicated to bringing more WOC to technology and computer science. She gave a [ keynote at LibTechConf] in 2012, if you want to see what type of work she has been doing with BGC. They are also working on launching a companion group, [ Black Boys Code].
[ Kimberly Bryant]
It looks like she's on an [ email sabbatical] but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to get in touch with her. According to the internet, she also raises chickens.
Add contact info[ Selena Deckelmann]
== Sally Deffor ==
Open source hardware hacker. Founded [ Adafruit Industries]. Adafruit designs and sells open source electronic kits as well as provides a space online to learn about making, wearables, and microcomputers. Fried was awarded the Pioneer Award by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2009, the Most Influential Women in Technology award by ''Fast Company'' in 2011, and was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2012 by ''Entrepreneur'' magazine. You can read more about her on [ her Wikipedia article]. [ Limor Fried]
==Sarah Jeong==
(from [ here]:) Freshly-minted Harvard Law J.D. and writer. Co-author of [ Five Useful Articles] (ed: a weekly newsletter about intellectual property). I care about justice, the free flow of information, and using the free flow of information to enact justice. Other people would summarize this as “interested in feminism, antiracism, and also technology, copyright, and privacy for some reason.”
[ Sarah Jeong]
==Mark Matienzo==

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