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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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'''Talk Proposals'''
==Using GameSalad to Build a Gamified Information Literacy Mobile App for Higher Education==
* [[User:StanBogdanov|Stanislav 'Stan' Bogdanov]],, Adelphi University and Boglio LLC
GameSalad is a popular tool for developing mobile and desktop games with little actual programming. In this presentation, Stan Bogdanov breaks down the development process he followed while building mobiLit, a mobile app with the goal of being the first open-source gamified information literacy app to be used as part of a college-level information literacy curriculum. He will go through the basics of using GameSalad to create an app that be easily customized by non-programmers and the instructional principles used to teach the material in a mobile medium. Stan will also go through two qualitative design studies he did on the app and discuss their results and the lessons learned from building mobiLit. The session will conclude with an overview of the next steps for the mobiLit project.
==The Impossible Search: Pulling data form unknown sources==

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