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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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== Amelia C. Abreu ==
Amelia Abreu lives in Portland, OR and works as a UX researcher. She is a PhD candidate at University of Washington's School of Information, where her dissertation research looks at the social aspects of data collection. Much of her recent writing, such as for [ Model View Culture] and [ Medium], addresses the intersection between UX, data collection, communities, and gender. She has written about [ small data], [ watches], and the [ minimum viable responsibility] of tech companies performing user research in the wake of the Facebook emotional contagion experiments. Before starting her PhD program, Amelia worked as an archivist, a librarian, and a writer.
[ Amelia Abreu]
== Chris Bourg ==
Chris Bourg is Assistant University Librarian (AUL) for Public Services for the Stanford University Libraries, serves on the Steering Committee for [ Taiga Forum], and is a sociologist by training. Chris is an outspoken advocate for diversity in libraries and lead Stanford University Libraries to implement a policy of not supporting conferences that lack a code of conduct. She was an organizing member of the "#libs4ada" campaign which raised over $16,000 for the Ada Initiative. Chris has written extensively on a number of topics, including gender, the military, and leadership. She blogs at [ Feral Librarian].
[ Chris Bourg]

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