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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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LDPath [1] is a simple query language for indexing linked open data, with support for caching, content negotiation, and integration with non-RDF endpoints. This talk will demonstrate the features and potential of the language and framework to index a resource with links into,,, etc to build an application-ready document.
== Show Me the Money: Integrating an LMS with Payment Providers ==
* Josh Weisman,, Development Director-Resources Management, Ex Libris Group
In order to provide an easy and convenient way for patrons to pay fines, we are exploring ways to integrate the library management system with online payment providers such as PayPal. With many LMS systems being designed and developed for the cloud, we should be able to provide the frictionless user experience our patrons have come to expect from online transactions. In this session we'll discuss strategies for integration and review a sample application which uses REST APIs from a library management system to integrate with PayPal.

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