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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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Shibboleth is the most widely-used method to provide single-sign-on authentication to academic applications where users come from many different institutions. Shibboleth, the InCommon education and research trust framework, and the SAML protocol comprise a very powerful - but very complicated - solution to this very complicated problem. Scott and Ken have implemented Shibboleth for multiple library applications. They will share their understanding of the good, the bad, and the underlying spaghetti that makes it all work. Ken will discuss some of the technical aspects of the solution, touching on optimal and non-optimal use cases, administrative challenges, and authorization concerns. Scott will describe the implementation pattern for multi-institution single-sign-on that the California Digital Library has evolved, using the recently released Dash application ( as an example.
==Scientific Data: A Needs Assessment Journey==
*[[User:VickySteeves| Vicky Steeves]],, American Museum of Natural History
While surveying digital research and collections data in the research science divisions at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC (as a part of my [ National Digital Stewardship Residency] project), I have come across the big data hogs (genome sequencing and CT scanning) and the little pieces of data (images, publications), all equally important to not only scientific discovery, but as nodes in the history of science.
In this session, I will discuss the development of my needs assessment surveys for scientific datasets and the interview process with Museum curators and researchers as background, seguing into an explanation of the results. I will then combine my findings into preliminary selection criteria to choose tools for digital preservation and management unique to scientific datasets. This will brooke a discussion on emerging standards, tools, and technologies in big data, specific to research science.
I will conclude with preliminary findings on emerging technology that can be used to answer concerns surrounding the management and digital preservation of these data. I am hoping the Q&A session can be used to both answer questions about my project, and function as a way for you (the larger tech-savy library community) to discuss the tools I’ve touched on in this talk.
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