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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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I will conclude with preliminary findings on emerging technology that can be used to answer concerns surrounding the management and digital preservation of these data. I am hoping the Q&A session can be used to both answer questions about my project, and function as a way for you (the larger tech-savy library community) to discuss the tools I’ve touched on in this talk.
== Feminist Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in Library Software ==
* Bess Sadler,, Stanford University Libraries
Libraries are not neutral repositories of knowledge. Library classification systems and search technologies tend to reflect the inequalities, biases, ethnocentrism, and power imbalances of the societies in which they are built [1]. How might we better resist these tendencies in the library software we create? This talk will examine some qualities of feminist HCI (pluralism, self-disclosure, participation, ecology, advocacy, and embodiment) [2] through the lens of library software.
[1] Olson, Hope A. (2002). The Power to Name: Locating the Limits of Subject Representation in Libraries. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
[2] Bardzell, Shaowen. Feminist HCI: Taking Stock and Outlining an Agenda for Design. CHI 2010: HCI For All.
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