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2015 Preconference Proposals

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Archivematica for users and developers
=== Archivematica for users and developers Code4Arc ===
One of:
'''"Full Day"''' (with options for half day participation)
* Sarah Romkey, Artefactual Systems,
This is a workshop intended What does it mean to Code for both end-users of Archivematica (librariansArchives? Is it different than coding for libraries, archivistsand if so, systems administrators) as well as developers who are interested in Archivematica feature development, or use of Archivematica back-end features for integration into other
In Code4Lib is a wonderful and successful model (you must agree or you wouldn't be reading this). This workshop is an attempt to create a space to replicate the morningmodel in an Archival context. A space to talk about development for archives, and the end-users will meet with Sarah for a hands-on Archivematica training sessionparticular challenges of developing archival systems. We will Topics to discuss processing configurations, use casesinclude Integration between different Archival software tools, and installationbetween Archival tools/hosting options for Archivematica. We will also demonstrate DIP upload to Archivematica's access systemworkflows and larger institutional tools like institutional repositories, AtoM. During this time, developers will meet with Justin discovery and other Artefactual developers for a hackaton style session focusing on Archivematica development and integrationaccess systems.
For The schedule may include the afternoonfollowing: * Panel type conversations about the State of Art in Archives * Case Studies - discussion of workflows at specific institutions, we plan including gaps in tools and how those are being addressed or could be addressed * Tool Demos - access to bring demos of some of the two groups together to discussopen source tools used in an Archival Context (examples include ArchivesSpace, share use casesArchivematica, BitCurator, AtoM) Artefactual will provide demos running Archivematica and have breakout sessions focused on specific topics that arose from AtoM, we encourage others to chime in here to expand the morning and afternoon sessions. list of tools available to touch play
When signing up, please indicate if you are an end-user or a developer.
=== Fail4Lib 2015 ===

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