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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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I'm proposing a talk discussing the data we've collected, the trends we've seen, and what I think it all means--plus other reasons that we're jumping on the "bento box" discovery bandwagon and why I think "bento box" is at this point the path that least sells our souls.
== Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like SHA-2!: Checksumming with Taylor Swift ==
* Ashley Blewer!,
Checksum technology is used all over the place, from git commits to authenticating Linux packages. It is most commonly used in the digital preservation field to monitor materials in storage for changes that will occur over time or used in the transmission of files during duplication. But do you even checksum, bro? I want this talk to move checksums from a position of mysterious macho jargon to something everyone can understand and want to use. I think a lot of people have heard of checksum but don’t know where to begin when it comes to actually using it at their institution. And cryptography is hella intimidating! This talk will cover what checksums are, how they can be integrated into a library or archival workflow, protecting collections requiring additional levels of security, algorithms used to verify file fixity and how they are different, and other aspects of cryptographic technology. Oh, and please note that all points in this talk will be emphasized or lightly performed through Taylor Swift lyrics. Seriously, this talk will consist of at least 50% Taylor Swift. Can you, like, even?

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