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2015 Preconference Proposals

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If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here
=== UXtravaganza ===
'''"Half or Full Day [Based on Interest?, Morning/Afternoon Doesn’t Matter]"'''
* William Hicks, University of North Texas,
* Volunteers?
I’m envisioning a 1/2 of full day for front-end developers, content strategy people, and other misfits with an interest in user experience, where we can talk about our shared problems, use cases, the state of current research, and play with each other’s sites. A half day seems doable, but if there’s significant enough interest we could push for a full? Here are a few of the things I think might be interesting to see happen:
* '''Analytics Share-fest:''' A few volunteers demonstrate data about their websites, catalogs, archival/digital collections. Most of us know our own sites but it would be interesting/validating to share this data with others so we can start to see commonalities between institutions, in certain kinds of systems, etc. For anyone using event tracking, or using click- or heat-maps, this would be a great opportunity to show off what people are seeing.
* '''UX Best Practices Catch Up:''' This spring I had the opportunity to attend a few days worth of usability workshops from the Nielsen-Norman Group, most of which was focused on mobile. I could distill down a lot of the information into an short presentation. Since this is a constantly moving area of research it would be nice to see a few people do other similar short presentations on some current trends/findings relevant to libraries, search, etc.
* '''Mobile Dev Lab:''' The UNT Libraries has been collecting a small set of smartphones and tablets for testing and development. Basically an [ Open Device Lab]. We have about a dozen devices now of varying sizes, OS, OS Versions, + Google Glass. I’ll bring the devices, you can bring yours, and assuming we can get the wifi up and running we can test our sites/services with our big sausage fingers rather than pretending to do so through emulators and the one or two devices we each usually have on hand. If anyone is game they can do a tutorial on Browser-based Inspector Tools, Browser-Cams, or other testing services.
* '''The Eye’s Have It.''' The UNT Libraries is also in the process of acquiring an eye tracker and software for usability and other gaze-based research studies. We’ll take possession of it shortly after this pre-conference proposal is due and will have a couple of months to play with them before the conference. Assuming we can get our act together learning the device and can get past the technical hurdles of setting it up at the pre-conference, we could try to do some live demos on each other’s sites; i.e. You nominate a site/service, someone in the audience volunteers to wear the device, and we all watch them struggle do the tasks you request on a projector. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. It would hardly be scientific, but it sure would be fun. As a backup, if we have some sites nominated beforehand, I can run a few students at my library through some tasks here and we can show off the results to the crowd.
For those of you wanting to attend and help out, I’d really like to see some discussion on typography, writing for the web, “dealing with business/administrative requirements from on-high", maybe do some prototyping exercises, etc. Similarly if anyone is interested in doing some tutorials on bootstrap or how-to’s on running a usability test, that would be rad. But we need you to step up and steer part of the time for most of this to work, so if you are interested in some aspect, and especially if you want to volunteer to lead a bit of the time, contact me.
''Interested in Attending''
If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your
name (but not email address, etc.) here

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