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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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In this talk we’ll discuss how Stanford University Libraries implemented an oEmbed service to create an extensible viewer framework for all of its digital content. Using this service we’ve been able to easily integrate viewers into various discovery applications as well as make it easy for end users who discover our objects to easily embed customized versions into their own websites and blogs.
== So you want to make your geospatial data discoverable==
* Jack Reed,, Stanford University Libraries
Finding data for research or coursework can be one of the most time intensive tasks for a scholar or student. We introduce GeoBlacklight, an open source, multi-institutional software project focused on solving these common challenges at institutions across the world. GeoBlacklight prioritizes user experience, integrates with many GIS tools, and streamlines the use and organization of geospatial data. This talk will provide an introduction to the software, demonstrate current functionality, and provide a road map for future work.

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