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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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At this session, we'll discuss the scope and uses of PBCore in digital preservation and access, report on the progress and goals of the PBCore Advisory Subcommittee, and share how the group (by the time of the conference) will have transformed the XML schema into an RDF ontology, bringing PBCore into the second decade of the 21st century. #PBHardcore
==Collaborating to Avert the Digital Graveyard==
* Harish Nayak,, University of Rochester Libraries
* Sean Morris,, University of Rochester Libraries
In 1995, the Robbins Library at the University of Rochester created a digital collection of Arthurian texts, images, and bibliographies. Together with medieval scholars, we recently completed the redesign and development of an interface for this collection. Using FRBR concepts, we re-conceptualized organization and editing workflow from the ground up in a mobile-first Drupal-based project. In this talk we will describe the project as well as how we utilized the techniques of work practice study and user centered design to maintain engagement with reluctant stakeholders, nontechnical scholars, and VERY meticulous graduate students. Neither of us have previously presented at a Code4Lib conference.
==Docker? VMs? EC2? Yes! With

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