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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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* What are common issues and pitfalls to avoid when doing development? Tips on broken APIs and how to cope or optimizing your code will be included.
==Seeing the Forest From the Trees: The Art of Creating Workflows for Digital Projects ==
* Jen LaBarbera,, NDSR Resident, Northeastern University
* Joey Heinen,, NDSR Resident, Harvard University
* Rebecca Fraimow,, NDSR Resident, WGBH
* Tricia Patterson,, NDSR Resident, MIT
We have to "turn projects into programs" in order to create a solid and sustainable digital preservation initiative...but what the heck does that even mean? What does that look like?
In this talk, members of the inaugural Boston cohort of the National Digital Stewardship Residency will discuss one piece of our digital preservation test kitchen: our stabs at creating digital workflows that will (hopefully) help our institutions turn digital preservation projects into programs. Specifically, we will talk about how difficult it is to create a general and overarching workflow for digital preservation tasks (e.g. ingest into repositories, format migrations, etc.) that incorporates various technical tools while also taking into account the myriad and unending list of possible exceptions or special scenarios. Turning these complicated, specific processes into a simplified and generalized workflow is an art. We haven't necessarily perfected that art yet, but in this talk, we'll share what has worked for us -- and what hasn't. We’ll also touch on the importance of documentation, and achieving that delicate balance of adequately thorough documentation that doesn’t pose the risk of information avalanche. These processes often create more questions than answers, but we'll share the answers that we (and our mentors) have found along the way!

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